Dear Brides,

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited you're engaged and ready to start planning your amazing wedding! 

Let us help you tackle one of your categories: Beauty. (Naturally we have many other suggestions, recommendations and opinions to offer, but let's stick to our professional assistance for now!)

Ok, so, Beauty. What does this mean to you? That is the first question to ask yourself. Not "What does Facebook say?", or "What do my friends and family say?". This is about YOU. When you picture yourself on your wedding day, what do you see?

As far as we are concerned, the options are limitless and infinite! However, for the sake of simplicity, let's break down a few paths:

The Casual Gal

You don't wear much, if any, makeup. You are easy going, relaxed and low maintenance when it comes to personal grooming. You DO NOT enjoy spending your time talking about makeup and frequently roll your eyes when you see someone in a full face of makeup walking around during the day! You prefer natural beauty, because makeup is heavy and looks too fake-y...We totally get you! Do you think Kelly and I wear makeup every waking second? Of course we don't! For you, CG, we like to keep your look very simple, lightweight and basically the minimal amount of color for photos! You will still need makeup on your day, just to look like yourself in pictures, without will leave you dull and with no dimension. We will make you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time:)

The Kicked-Up Lady

You wear makeup on a daily basis. Maybe just eye liner, mascara, blush and lips? Or maybe foundation, bronzer and lip balm? Or maybe a combo, and maybe it varies day by day:) You LOVE the smoky eye, winged liner and red lip. Have you mastered them yet? It's possibly still a work in progress. You pin tons of cool makeup looks on Pinterest and have quite a vision of things you would like to try! You want to look "Natural but Kicked-Up" on your wedding day, right?! And you will! This is our fave style to do on our clients. It's you, but polished, enhanced and highlighted in all the right places. This is Beauty Makeup. 

The Glamor Girl

Hey Hey! We LOVE you extra, but for a selfish reason, lol. We get to work on more advanced artistry with you! You are no spring chicken to cosmetics, are you? You have the Sephora 'Click to Buy' set up on your devices, already attached to your card. You also know how to pronounce Sephora (Se-for-ah). You have no less than 30 makeup brushes. You always roll CORRECT with your look and are frequently complimented on your makeup. You have been doing your own makeup for years and it shows! However, we might need to tweak a few things for professional pics, ok? And or, it will be so nice for you to be pampered on your special day, not stressing about your cat eye wings looking the same. We will translate your usual look to photo ready! Muah!


Did this help? Can you find yourself in one of the categories? Or better yet, are you a combination of two of them? GOOD. We have a starting point. Now you are ready to start making some decisions.

The Next Step: Choosing your makeup artist

Choosing your makeup artist. You can come try us out, search Google, or ask friends/fam who they used! Other than us, we recommend: Sarah Elizabeth Artistry and Julie Swenson Beauty, both fantastic. Visit their website, Facebook page, Instagram, and read reviews! Call whomever you are interested in, chat about your date/time/location details, then set up a trial run.

Yes, you need a trial run. Sometimes it's not even for your comfort as much as the artist's! We need to see your skin, features and test how pigments wear on you. Once you set up your trial run, you can discuss how you fit into the above categories...then POOF, a beautiful custom look will be created JUST FOR YOU. It's a lot of fun and really gets you in a positive mind set about enjoying your special day:) 

Stay tuned for more info about:

Trial Runs, Lashes, Hiring Your Artist, Pricing, Gratuity

xo blushgirl

Posted on January 28, 2015 .