Blush Beauty Room is a makeup, skincare and accessories boutique in Uptown Minneapolis.

Hi! I'm Jori, the owner of Blush Beauty Room. Together with my friend (and basically sister) Kelly, I decided to leave a decent paying retail management job with Bare Minerals to open up my own beauty shop! Leap of faith? YES! 


I had a cool idea for a place where we could sell beauty products, pretty jewels, accessories, where we could host parties, do makeup and have fun! I asked Kelly if she would be interested in coming with me...she said YES! Thus, Blush was born.

My background of International Relations and Political Science isn't exactly in use...however Kelly studied Retail Merchandising and Business Management...BINGO! Everything we launch in our shop started as an idea and was grown into something bigger. We are constantly changing, constantly adding and always creating something experiential for our guests. 

At Blush, we like to take a casual and friendly approach to all things beauty. We believe that makeup can be very affordable, high end, or better yet, somewhere in the middle!

Our passion is to help you find the products and price points that are best for you. We spent  many years working with just one brand and realized that owning only one line isn't a reality. Our skin, preferences and professions change over the years. Our regimens and routines must shift accordingly, making plenty of room for all of the amazing beauty brands out there! We buy, test and try them all, allowing us to make the best recommendations for you.

If you're looking for lab coats and corporate lingo, you won't find it here! We might be in crazy patterned tights and most likely watching a funny video about puppies doing adorable things;)

Forget all of those supposed "rules" of beauty and pop in for some fun!


xo - Jori & Kelly